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Pillowfort Creative specialises in storytelling, artfully told and beautifully executed through the greatest of visual mediums – animation. Whether it’s a powerful micro-story in the form of an an animated logo, the conveying of scientific ideas through animated explanatory video, an engaging internal presentation, or a fully fledged animated series for web or TV.

Here are some of the wide range of animation services we offer:
Animated logosThis service involves taking a client’s pre-existing logo and adding motion.
Applications: Movie intros, TV/Web commercials, websites, Facebook user display photos, mobile apps
Motion graphicsAdding motion to text and graphics to tell a story or create a mood.
Applications: TV/Web commercials, websites, mobile apps
Animated title sequencesCreate an engaging animated intro/title sequence.
Applications: TV show intro, Movie intro, games, presentations
Character mascot design/animationCreate a character that acts as the face of a brand or interface with audience.
Applications: TV/Web commercials, websites, stationary, brochures, POS, social media, mobile, all advertising media
Mobile phone advertising (ads in apps etc)Create ad content for mobile phone apps.
Applications: Games and apps with built-in advertising
TV or Web commercials (Youtube/Facebook etc)Create commercials using animation to promote business or product.
Applications: TV, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, other social media, cinema, mobile
Scientific or explanatory animationsCreate animated presentations explaining scientific concepts.
Applications: Educational institutions, presentations, grants pitches, advertising
Animated TV seriesPitch for funding from free-to-air TV stations, streaming services, pay TV services etc to create an animated show.
Applications: Free-to-air, Pay TV, streaming services
In-store promotional TV displaysCreate advertising or informative content for in-store TV displays.
Applications: Retail, banks, shopping centres, medical facilities, cinemas
Animated InfographicsCreate explanatory motion graphics to impart information in an entertaining way.
Applications: Youtube videos, Facebook videos, presentations, educational institutions
Cinema advertisingAnimated pre-show cinema advertising content.
Applications: Movie theatres
Social Media advertisingCreating animated advertising content for social media.
Applications: Facebook profile photos, brand engagement, product promotion