Sometimes, the hardest part of having an idea is
knowing what to do with it.

You can ask your friends.

You can ask your family.

You can ask the postie, but they only come once a week these days.

And while they may enjoy the conversation, and even love the idea itself, you’re still left with the same question:

“How do I turn this genius idea into the money tree I know it will one day become?”

Answer? Simple.

By talking to people who have done it before.

That is where Pillowfort Consultancy comes in.

At Pillowfort we believe that everyone is creative, they just need the right kind of advice and guidance to coax their ideas in the right direction. If you want to make:

  • a great animated presentation for your next meeting,
  • an animated logo for your social media page,
  • an illustrated character or mascot for your team, business or event,
  • a pilot for a series you have written about your kids or your pets,
  • or something you dreamt about when you fell asleep on the couch watching Goggle Box.

Then we can offer you the right information to help you with your next pitch. Or better yet, to bypass the studio green lighters and get it straight to your audience. We live in a time now where most things are made right at home, on our computers, laptops or smart devices. But not all of it is great. At Pillowfort can help you to cultivate, polish, enhance your ideas, and help you find the right audience for them. You never know, and these days anything is possible.