Meet Orby! The Geelong Gallery Digital Tour Guide

Pillowfort is PROUD to reveal a project that we have been working on, in collaboration with the Geelong Gallery, for the last year, Orby!

Orby is an augmented reality tour guide and is ready to guide kids around selected works in the Gallery’s permanent collection. It is on display now and ready to use, so if you have kids (or feel like you’ve never really become an adult like we do) then please pop in and grab an iPad and see what Orby has to show you.

We at Pillowfort poured a lot of love into Orby, and we hope that kids and parents alike will feel the same about the app as we do.

Orby is a fun way to engage with the works in a new way, and to open discussions around the works and their significance.

We’d like to thank the Gallery for being so receptive to our initial concept and agreeing to come on board and let us partner with them to see Orby come to life, and for being a wonderfully awesome client to collaborate with.

Massive shout out to Luke Harris of Hanalei Studios for seeing the potential in this idea, and for all his tireless work on perfecting the back-end of this project. Here’s to the sequel in 6 months.

And as always a big big big makers thank you for the huge support we receive daily from everyone at Creative Geelong. None of this really happens without you.

And thanks to everyone else who came on board and helped in any way shape or form on this brief. You guys are the best!